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(727) 202-3809

We help Eye Doctors optimize profits and lower taxes.

(727) 202-3809


Are you struggling with:

Getting practice financials that provide you insight 

A CPA that understands sub-lease optometry vs private practice

Paying too much in taxes 

Feeling like your business plan is scattered

Wearing too many hats within your practice

Not being able to work on your practice because you spend all of your time working in your practice?

  Let's Get to Work

Initial Process

1) Fill out your info and we'll be in touch to setup a time to learn about your practice or just pick a time on our calendar.  

2) Our initial call will be to learn about you, your family and your practice including your goals, current concerns, practice financials, and tax situation.   

3) If we both feel like we are a good fit at the end of our conversation, then we will request access to your financials and a copy of some financial documents including your latest tax return through our secure portal.  

4) We will review everything we have talked about as well as review your documents. 

5) Finally we will follow-up to discuss package options for working together.  

You are faced with making financial decisions daily. we generally work with our clients on a monthly or quarterly basis to provide analysis, planning and advice.

  Tell Us About You

Someone from our team with reach out to you shortly.


Monthly Financials that tell you more than just what your profit was.


Making sure you and your staff can easily access and keep up to date with scheduling, timesheets, w2’s, payroll taxes and benefits.

Outsourced CFO

Analyzing your practice and creating goals to focus on.

Tax Planning & Preparation

Use up to date tax strategies to pay less in taxes and keep more of your earnings.