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Increase your bottom line.  Pay less taxes. Become financially free. 

Let's talk!

Are you struggling with any of these?

Feeling like you are paying more than your fair share of taxes?

Not getting your financials timely so you can make better strategic decisions?

Lying awake at night worrying about cash flow and making payroll?

Always feeling like you are calling your CPA to tell them about a tax strategy that you heard about?

Not sure where all of your money is going?

Not getting the advice you need to grow your bottom line?

Running a business requires you to take on many roles and having the answer to every question.  We help businesses realize higher profitability, save on taxes and build wealth so you can become financially independent.  We understand the problems you face and we are ready to help you!

What type of professional are you?

We specialize in working with tech-savvy professional service businesses  (Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Construction, Creative Agencies) that want a better CPA relationship..  Our Clients have between $500,000 and $5 million of top line revenue. 

What We Do


Running a business requires you to have answers to every question.  We will become apart of your team to offer the advice you have been looking for from your CPA. 

Profit Growth & Cash Flow Forecasting

We take financial reporting a step further by providing cash-flow forecasting, and key performance dashboards so you know which areas need more focus to grow your bottom line. 

Strategic Tax Planning 

We use our knowledge of the current tax laws to advise you on the best tax savings strategies. We take both your business and personal taxes into consideration to structure a plan that will help you pay less in taxes.

Financial Planning

Financial independence is the goal we all strive for. Whether that is through savings, selling your business one day or just making sure all of your buckets are full for greater piece of mind.  

Back Office: Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Payroll

Running a business requires you to wear many hats.  We handle the back office so you can focus on growing your business. We account for all the activity within your business and produce usable financials that give you a clear picture of your business. 

Why Us

When was the last time your CPA, Financial Advisor, Banker, Attorney, and Insurance Agent all sat in a room together to talk about you and your family?

As a business owner you have to wear many hats.  As a result it can feel like your financial life is fragmented.  You have multiple advisors but lack the time to meet with each of them to coordinate your financials.  We focus on coordinating your entire financial life and providing you the information in plain English so you can make the best financial decision.  

Are we a good fit for working together?

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