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(727) 202-3809

We help Physicians optimize profits and pay less taxes!

(727) 202-3809

Get Started

We understand the problems you're dealing with!

Are you struggling with:

Not getting your financials timely so you can make strategic decisions?

Feeling like you are paying more than you should be in taxes?

Always feeling like you are calling your CPA to tell them about a tax strategy you heard about?

Lying awake at night worrying about cashflow and making payroll?

Wearing too many hats within your practice?

How to get new patients in the door?

  Let's Get to Work

INitial Process:

1) Fill out your info and we'll be in touch to setup a time to learn about your practice or just pick a time on our calendar.  

2) Our initial call will be to learn about you, your family and your practice including your goals, current concerns, staffing, software, equipment, and financials.

3) If we both feel like we are a good fit at the end of our conversation, then we will request access to your financials and a copy of some financial documents including your latest tax return through our secure portal.  

4) We will review everything we have talked about as well as review your documents. 

5) We will follow-up to discuss package options for working together.  

You are faced with making financial decisions daily. we generally work with our clients on a monthly or quarterly basis to provide analysis, planning and advice.


  Tell Us About You

Someone from our team with reach out to you shortly.


Having the right numbers are the foundation to making the right business decisions.

Wealth Building

We want to help you make work optional, protect your family and help you sleep better at night.


Business Planning

Financials only help if you know what they mean. We help you know what the financials are telling you.

Tax Planning & Preparation

Taxes are inevitable, but you shouldn't have to pay more than your share.