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$50,000 Startup Payroll Tax Credit!

(813) 252-0829 

get my credit--- free Consultation

It may feel like you got left out when you hear people talk about all of the business tax and stimulus credits. 
(PPP, HHS, Medicare, EIDL).

There is a Startup Payroll Tax Credit for businesses that are eligible.  If you answer YES to the following 3 questions, you should call us today.

1. Began a Business After Feb 2020?
(Started Before Feb 2020- Click Here)

2. Have Less Than $1,000,000 in Annual Receipts?

3. Have Employees OR are Currently Hiring?

If you have 4 Employees making on average $40,000 per year.  You could be eligible for $56,000 in credits for Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 2021. 

Is 10 minutes of your time worth $56,000? 

3 Ways to Contact Us

1. See if you Qualify and Book a Time    Get My Credit

2. Text "Payroll Tax Credit" to 813-252-0823. We will reply back to setup a call.

3. Call Us: 813-252-0829

About DeLucia CPA

We are a Tampa Bay CPA firm that focuses on service based businesses.  We understand the challenges you are facing and how to navigate through them.