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Student Loan Planning

Can you relate to any of this?

You have large student loans and don't know which repayment strategy is right for you?  

Your loan servicer recommends the REPAYE plan but not sure if that's the right move?

You want to create an aggressive repayment strategy that maximizes how quickly you can payoff your student loans. 

You are starting a practice and are concerned with the amount of debt you will be going into on top of your already large student loans. 

Analysis and planning can save you $1,000's per year in student loan payments.

Developing a student loan plan can have a real impact on your overall financial health.  You went to school and financed that education with loans that are now due.  Tackling those along with paying taxes, building a career or practice, and raising a family can seem overwhelming. We can help!

How We Help

  Analyzing Repayment Strategies

Income Based Repayment:  If your loans are more than double your income, an income based plan may be right or you.  We will help give you your best options. 

PSLF: Public Loan Service Forgiveness: Are you going to be making less income but will qualify to have your loans forgiven earlier?  We can analyze the numbers for you.

Payoff Plan:  You are ready to tackle your student loan debt and get those paid off.  Should you refinance?  We will help you understand the best options.


Analyzing your repayment strategies is one part of it.  Student Loan income based plans are based on your overall taxes.  Making sure to maximize your tax deductions will not only save you taxes, but could lower your student loan payments.

Advantages To Working With Us

Value-Added Services


By specializing in catering to the financial needs of dentists and doctors, we know the ins and outs of accounting for your practice. Your financials and tax returns will have less errors and be more accurate.


We understand technology and its power to save you time and money. Our service to you is streamlined through the use of modern online business tools and services.


We analyze your complete financial picture so you keep more of what you earn and gain financial independence.

Who We Help

Dentists and doctors that own their practice that need streamlined support and planning advice to achieve financial independence.

Dentists and Doctors that are starting their own practice and need assistance with filings and set up.

Dentists and Doctors that are independent contractors that need tax planning and preparation.