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simplified + streamlined

Accounting Services

Can you relate to any of this?

You waste time you don't have on tracking the activity within your practice compiling paperwork for your accountant.

Your bank account balance doesn't reflect your profits.   You don't understand where your money is going.

Your CPA doesn't dedicate time to give you the advice you need to make better decisions in your business.

When it comes to your financials, things are messy and misunderstood.

Know your numbers, make better business decisions.

Imagine knowing more than whether or not you're profitable.  Having a good grasp on your cash flow for payroll and practice growth will help you sleep better at night.  We use cloud based tools and up to date technology to provide you the knowledge and advice you need to run a successful practice.  

How We Help

  Bookkeeping + Accounting

We maintain and manage account activity on a weekly or monthly basis. This eliminates the worry of you having to track every transaction, meaning less interference in your day-to-day.

Seamless and streamlined process for uploading activity and access to reports.

We produce done-for-you financials reviewed for accuracy. This means less errors or misclassifications that can lead to potential tax issues.

We give you insight into your numbers with simplified statements. That way, you'll understand where your money goes so you can focus on increasing cash flow.

  Financial Statements

Profit + Loss Statement so you know where your revenue and expenses are.

Balance Sheet that shows you the net worth of your business. 

Cash Flow Statement that tells you how your spending your money.


We use a seamless process to bring modern payroll to your practice. You and your employees will have a clearer understanding of their deductions and what they are paid.

Advantages To Working With Us

Value-Added Services


By catering to the financial needs of dentists, eye doctors and physicians, we know the ins and outs of accounting for your practice. .


We understand technology and its power to save you time and money. Our service to you is streamlined through the use of modern online business tools and services.


We analyze your complete financial picture so you keep more of what you earn and gain financial independence.

Who We Help

Dentists that own their practice that need streamlined support and planning advice to achieve financial independence.

Dentists that are starting their own practice and need assistance with filings and set up.

Dentists that are independent contractors that need tax planning and preparation.