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CPA Services for Physicians

Accounting, Tax & Financial Planning for Doctors

Many physicians want control of how they practice medicine.  As a result they may lean toward private practice.  Despite what is written about private practice physicians, it is very much alive and well.  As a clinician and business owner In private practice you are faced with tough questions daily.

Am I taking advantage of all the possible tax deductions available to me?  

Which Entity is best for me?

Should we outsource billing or do in house?

Should I grow the practice with more patients / marketing, adding more procedures / services, adding more staff or dropping insurances?

What's the value of my practice?

Where is all of my money going?

What's the best way to offer benefits for my practice?

Should I lease, buy or build a building?

Which Physicians Do We Serve?

At DeLucia CPA, we're a full-service healthcare CPA firm that works to help you better answer the questions above. We work with Physicians in the start up phase, growth stage, or those on the path to financial independence. The Physicians we work with understand technology and want real-time services.

- Practice Owners

We work with doctors of all specialties including
- Plastic Surgeons
- Primary Care
- Med Spa
- Dermatologists
- Radiologists
- Anesthesiologists
- Endocrinologists
- Urologists
- Internal Medicine
- General Surgeons
- Podiatrists

We know that what you really want is to keep more of what you earn. Our accountants analyze your complete financial picture. From bookkeeping, budgeting, and analysis to tax planning and preparation, we look at your business as a whole - not just piecemeal.

You invested a lot in your medical education. Now, you deserve the satisfaction of knowing that financial independence is in your future.

Physician CPA Services

Being a clinician and practice owner isn't easy.  You need a team on your side.  

- Financial Planning for Doctors

We help you continue to practice medicine because it's what you love to do, not because you have to make money.  
At the end of the day working hard should provide you with a good living.  Being able to navigate cash flow planning, family protection insurances, taxes, retirement, real estate, and estate planning to be able to protect your family and grow your net worth will get you to sleep better tonight and help you achieve financial independence.  

- Tax Planning & Preparation for Doctors

It's not just about how much you make it's how you much you keep.

- Payroll for Doctor Offices

Your employees need to be paid and you need to navigate between time clocks, payroll systems, employee benefits, HR ,etc.  

- Accounting & Bookkeeping for Doctors

You need good books to know what your numbers are in your practice.  We find too many businesses just leave this to anyone and although keeping the books may not appear too hard.  Those numbers are what make up the data to make your decisions and bad books can result in garbage in garbage out.   

- Medical Practice Consulting

You are busy seeing patients each day.  But being successful at private practice means that you also have to be a good business owner.  This is where we can help.  We work with you to create metrics on how best to maximize profits and lower expenses.

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